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30A Fishing

Over the years we have had many clients ask about the different options here along the 30A area. The short answer is that there are MANY! Proximity from different launch points varies depending on Species targeted and time of year.  These questions can be answered quickly when calling our Booking line (850-534-4349)

With several different launching points around the 30A area or guides are available to target whatever the best action for each individual clients my be.  We have been guiding the Panhandle waters for almost 20 years and have intimate understanding of weather tides and our clients expectations, desired and limitations. Our Family of  10 guides have been safely and professionally servicing the Emerald Coast for many years and looks forward to doing so for many many MORE!

30A Fishing:

Other than launching a boat directly off the beach there really is no viable/safe launch point right on Hwy 30A. Some fishing is available in the Costal Dune lakes along 30A but can be hit or miss. Some of the closest fishing to 30A involves launching on the Choctawhatchee Bay. Choctawhatchee Bay is the large bay directly north of the 30A area and is the main waterway in Walton County and Santa Rosa Beach. There are several Launch points available in the Choctawhatchee Bay in Santa Rosa Beach and Destin.

Choctawhatchee Bay Fishing:

This is the large Bay that dissects Walton County and Santa Rosa Beach running East/West. This bay gets its name from the Large Freshwater river that enters the bay at it’s easternmost boundary. This influx of fresh water is the lifeblood that brings nutrients to the Choctawhatchee Bay and feeds its prolific amount of Baitfish.

When fishing the Santa Rosa Beach area you will most likely be in the Choctawhatchee Bay. Fishing in Choctawhatchee Bay mainly consists of Redfish and Seatrout.

Some of the highlight species opportunities in Choctawhatchee bay are:

Bull Redfish:

Late summer and Fall are the prime time to fish with us and target these 20-30 lb. sport fish, large schools of these predators can be seen in “feeding frenzies” on the surface,  incredible opportunity for either fly rod of light tackle spinning.

Jack Crevelle:

Jack Crevelle are a schooling fish that, pound for pound, are one of the toughest fish in the gulf of Mexico. Jacks are found feeding on baitfish on the surface of the water, we are often moving and chasing these predator in a “run-and-gun” style of fishing. These high energy, fast moving fish are among our favorites to target and we have some of the largest in the gulf!

Santa Rosa Beach Fishing:

When we talk about fishing the Santa Rosa Beach area we are mainly referring to the body of water that is the Choctawhatchee Bay. Redfishing in Choctawhatchee Bay can be exceptional depending on the time of year. Santa Rosa Beach Has several different options for fishing with either our Bay Boats guides or our Flats boats. Shallow Water Expeditions has guides running out of panama City, Destin and right here on the 30A and Santa Rosa Beach area.

Walton County Fishing:

Fishing in the Walton County area and along 30A is mainly done in the Choctawhatchee Bay or along the beaches which are accessed from the Destin Pass or the Panama City Pass. Many of our bay Boats guides launch inside the protected waters of the Bay and then run out of the passes. Red Snapper and Grouper are some of the delicious species that can be targeted only by running into the Gulf.  These Bay boat guides also target King Mackrel and Amberjack along the near shore gulf wrecks.