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Panama City Kid Fishing Trips

We believe that ANY trip you can involve your kids in is a great idea, most of us here at Shallow Water Expeditions have Kids! Exposing our Kids to the outdoors is the future to protecting the resourse and creating bonds that last a lifetime!

ALL of our trips are Kid friendly, but some trip are much better suited for our younger ones. As we as parents know, depending on age, attention spans can be short lived!

So here are our suggestions for some of our BEST Kid fishing charters!

Bay Boat Half Day trip: this is hands down the best charter to get the kids on the water and fishing, our Bay Boats guides have been taking Kids out for years and know exactly how to produce an enjoyable low stress day. Our Guides understand the pace is different on a charter with Kids, it about having fun and introducing young ones to a fun experience.

Bay Boat 2 hr. afternoon trip:  We offer a short afternoon trip specifically for KIDS! Over the year’s we’ve found that many of our clients with kids have requested a shorter trip later in the day. This afternoon departure allows parents time to get the “crew” moving and everything organized.