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30A Fly Fishing

There are an array of species to target when Fly Fishing in and along the 30A zone. Tarpon, Redfish, Jack Crevelle, and False Albacore are probably the top 4 we chase while Fly fishing the Emerald Coast area. There are 2 main Fly Fishing zones in along the Panhandle; inshore bay waters and the near shore Gulf. The inshore waters consist of West Bay, North Bay and East Bay and Choctawhatchee Bay. These 4 bays make up the Panhandle Inshore system and are home to a variety of shallow flats. These shallow grass flats are some of the best in Florida to hunt “tailing” redfish.  30A Fly Fishing can boast some of the best tailing redfish action in the state and Shallow Water Expeditions Guides are experts at poling clients into position to get the shot. The shallow inshore fishery is productive year-round with Fall and Winter being the best as winter time low tides reveal redfish tails!

A stones throw off the white sand beaches of Walton and Bay Counties lie shallow sand bars, these sand bars act as highways for thousands of migrating tarpon each summer.  Specific sandbars act as natural contours guiding the traveling fish along the coast. Tarpon “track” down the edge of these bars and we are there to take a shot and present a fly These ambush points are very specific and your Guide will have an intimate knowledge of where and when to be. Fly selection is also a critical part of your guides skill-set, here at SWE we are HYPER selective with our flies. Each guide ties his own patterns and watches how small changes effect the fish. We share this secretive info with each other and this helps insure our clients success. This sharing of learned knowledge is one of SWE’s biggest strengths!!

Shallow Water Expeditions guides look forward to tarpon season every single day of the year…..we are absolutely obsessed with the pursuit of these fish and your experience with us on the water will prove it!  Our Flats boats and Bay Boats can either Fly fish or use Light Tackle to target Tarpon. Our 30A guests have learned to book their summer tarpon dates WAY in advance!

30A Fly Fishing also encompasses the pursuit of one of the most under-rated game fish in Florida….The False Albacore (Bonito) These small tuna-like fish are abundant along our Panhandle waters especially from Destin to Panama City Beach. Less than a mile from the beach the water depth drops quickly allowing these “Albies” to feed close to shore. Both our Flats boats and Bay boats are ideal to pursue the large schools we see year-round.

Fly Fishing along the 30A area is a pursuit that has a wealth of fishing opportunities to target, we have been guiding and Fly Fishing this area for well over 20 years and have an intimate knowledge of what it takes to catch fish with a fly rod. As the first guides to develop fly fishing in our area we know the details it takes to make our fly fishing charters a success!