the premier 30A, Panama City Beach & Destin Fishing Charter


30A Fishing Tackle

All of our 30A fishing guides are experts when It comes to the Tackle they use to pursue our areas species.

With Conventional tackle, our weapons of choice will be Spinning Rods and reels, over the years we’ve learned that we can teach just about anyone to proficiently cast and use a spinning Rod outfit. Even if you’ve never held a fishing rod before few minutes with one of our guides and he can bring you up to speed. If we are specifically bottom fishing then we may use larger open faced reels.

Many anglers, especially here in the South, grew up fishing with Plug or “Casting” rods. Plug Casting rods have some great advantages but one of them is not an shallow learning curve, and that’s why we use Spinning rods for our conventional tackle charters.

All our clients are welcome and encouraged to bring whatever gear and Tackle they are most comfortable using.

Conventional Spinning Rods:

Medium size species:

Temple Fork Outfitters 7 ft. “Mangrove” series rods for line sizes 6lb -12 lb

Larger species:

Temple Fork  Outfitters “Inshore” tactical series 7’ 11” rods for lines sizes 12lb – 30 lb

Spinning Reels:

Shimano Stradic C14+, The Shimano Stradic has been the “workhorse” of the guide community for years, great reels!!

If you happen to be going out of 30A with one of our Fly Fishing guides they will have an expert knowledge with this tackle.  Everyone of our guides are well versed in the rigging, knots and subtleties of any and all fly fishing tackle. While most fly fishermen and women like to bring their own rods and reels, our guides rarely leave the dock without plenty of rigged flyrods in their boat. We even offer fly casting instruction thru our Outfitter shop, Old Florida Outfitters located in Watercolor Resort right along the 30A.

Fly Rods:

Orvis Helios 2 (H2) in sizes 8-10-12 wt will cover just about any situation we encounter here in the Panhandle area.

8wt. H2-standard all around medium saltwater gamefish ie; Redfish, Bonito, Mackerel, Bluefish, Trippletail, Pompano, ect

10 wt. H2– Med-large size gamefish. ie; Jack Crevelle, Cobia, Red Snapper, Amberjack, King Mackerel

12wt. H2- Large Gamefish, this is our Primary Tarpon rod, also Blacktip Shark, Amberjack, Jack Crevelle and King Mackerel

Fly Lines:

Scientific Anglers: Our fly lines of choice are made by Scientific Anglers

Mastery Series Textured GRAND SLAM

  • Short, powerful front taper for turning over heavy flies on long leaders
  • Ideal line for presentations in strong winds
  • Color change to show optimum loading point
  • Sizes: 8wt. for Redfish
  • for Cobia, Jacks, King Mackerel
  • for Tarpon, (our Go-To line)

Leader (Tippet) Material:

Orvis Mirage, we have been using this leader material for years, hands down the best we’ve used when it comes to holding knots and abrasion resistance, when compared to other brands of same test strength, the Orvis Mirage is noticeably a smaller diameter.


We use our Raingear ALL the time, not just for Rain but for when seas pick up and there is “spray” from running the boat. If your going to invest in Raingear, buy SIMMS. They make the BEST raingear available, Hands down!!

Aklins Jacket: This is SIMMS warm weather rain jacket and is our recommendation for Spring/Summer/Fall fishing.

Hyalite pant: This is the best choice for a light, packable rain pant.

Prodry Gore-Tex Bib: Our FAVORITE piece of outerwear, with these Bibs on you will not get wet! These things are bulletproof!!