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Panama City Fishing Locations

Where we fish changes constantly and is most often defined by the weather conditions each day. What was “happening” yesterday might not be the best action today…

Our guides are constantly in contact with each other as well as other anglers and guides throughout the area. We are constantly in touch with others on the water to assure our anglers the most action and Fun for their Panama City Beach fishing charter.

There are several “ZONES” we typically frequent in the area:

Inshore Bay:

The inshore waters around Panama City Beach and Panama City are defined as the St. Andrews Bay System, this large bay system is comprised of 4 different smaller bays.

East Bay, which is north of Mexico Beach and Crooked Island

North Bay, the closest waterway to Panama City proper.

West Bay, North of Panama City Beach

St. Andrews Bay, the water in and around the Panama City Pass

These different areas make-up the inshore waters our Panama City Beach guides frequent.


The shallow grassy edges of the inner bays are defined by the general term “flats”

These areas are very shallow habitat that act as a nursery system for juvenile fish species. These flats are home to thousands of juvenile redfish up to 30 inches. Our area boasts some of the best sight fishing for tailing redfish in the Northern Gulf.

The Pass:

The panama City Pass is a deep frequently “dredged” channel that allows access to the Gulf of Mexico for the inner St. Andrews Bay System.

Our guides spend a lot of time in the pass as it is a highway and gathering point for many of our area species.

Pass Jetties:

The Panama City Pass is permanently open to the gulf due to the addition of “jetty” walls on either side of the channel, without these rock barriers the pass would fill in due to the movement of sand and water flow. These Jetties provide a great structure and holding area for many fish and our captains know these structures intimately!


As the name implies, “Beaches” speaks to the shallow maze of sandbars just off the dry sand of the Emerald Coast. We spend a lot of time hunting for fish just steps from sunbathers and swimmers. At one time or another all of our areas species spend time along these outside “beach” areas. Our areas is known for it’s springtime Cobia Migration, and if you’re here in April you have surely seen the parade of boats slowly moving up and down the beach.


At times some of the species we pursue are found a short distance off the Beach sandbars, namely, King Mackerel, Bonito, Cobia, and sometimes even Sailfish and Mahi-Mahi. The water depth drops off fast along the western Florida Panhandle and allows for some of the deeper water pelagic species to come within reach in late summer. When fishing the near-shore waters we look for feeding fish, diving birds and rips.


Some of the best fishing along the Panama City Beach coast can be found in and around the Near-shore wrecks, Grouper, Red Snapper, Amberjack, Cobia, Black and Mangrove Snapper, Flounder and Bonito. With the quick drop off of depth along our coast, some of our best bottom fishing structures are within sight of the beach.