the premier 30A, Panama City Beach & Destin Fishing Charter


Types of Panama City Fishing Charters

Shallow Water Expeditions Guide Service can set-up just about any type of Charter available on the Gulf Coast, although Inshore Charters are our specialty. We can cater to Large and Corporate groups as we have the largest guide group on the Northern Gulf Coast. Our Panama City Beach Bay Fishing guides are specialists at large family groups where boats fish “together”. This allows everyone in the party to see what’s happening on the other boats and with everyone in the group.

The main division of charters within our guide service are classified by the boats we use: “Flats boats” and “Bay boats”  Either type of boat can accommodate both the Fly Fisherman or Light Tackle anglers. Our Panama City Beach Fishing Charters can be booked in any way to accommodate your schedule and time you would like to spend on the water.

Flats Boat: charters are limited to 1-2 anglers, fly or light tackle.

Bay boats: can accommodate up to 4 anglers and a few of our Boats 5 anglers.

Fly Fishing- Light Tackle, or BOTH:

We specialize in both Fly Fishing and Light Tackle, and we often “mix it up”, both types of fishing on the same trip. Depending on the Conditions, what the fish are doing and what species we are chasing, both types of fishing can be accomplished on the same charter.

Flats: Flats trip typically define our shallow water fishing that is done inshore, but while on these trips if we get word action is happening in another “Zone”, we are quick to run to other areas.


Is typically defined by our Bay boat fleet and speaks to bait/Lure fishing the deeper inshore waters.


Our Panama City Beach Bay boats guides spend a lot of time in the Panama City pass, many of our charters find us fishing in this deep highway between the gulf and Bay. Fishing in the Pass often lets our guides stay in protected calm waters.


Defined by our Gulf beaches, this type of trip typically finds us fishing Cobia, Jacks or Tarpon.


Wreck fishing charters can be found within sight of the beach, our Panama City Beach guides have been the first light tackle guides in the area to explore techniques to bring “wreck” species to the surface so we may target them with Fly or light tackle.