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Moving on


The wonderful thing about life is that you just don’t know what lies around the next bend; pain, joy, fear, love, that giant fish, winning the lottery… you never know. My great friend Christian Yergens has rounded the corner and run smack dab into a wonderful girl, (and she fly fishes!!) The one guy none of us ever thought it would happen to has been bitten, and we couldn’t be more happier for him!! With romance in his life Christian has decided to make some changes both with his guiding and where he lays his head. Regretably he will no longer be working with the SWE team and we will be very sad not to have him in the crew. Christian will be based out of Texas (Houston) and will be hunting anything that swims along that coast and others. Christian and I have been on countless journey’s and adventures together over the years and a guy couldn’t ask for a better buddy. He’s a great person and guide and i hope everyone has a chance to fish with him one day! ┬áDavid Mangum

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One comment on “Moving on
  1. There is truly nothing sweeter than to share WHAT you love, with WHO you love. All the best to Christian. Dave, I love the website and the videos are off the charts. Hope to get to the LA/Biloxi marsh some year soon between November and February to throw feathers and flash at some bruiser redfish. Actually lived up in Ruston many years ago before discovering the zen and joy of the long wand.